Your selfies in a super digital photo frame on the world map

The MySelfie.Fun App: Your selfies in a super digital photo frame on the world map, visible in your mobile phone camera. Curious?

How are you? What's going on? How do you feel? Job, party, vacation or hard work. Friends, colleagues, loved ones, family. Up, down, balanced. Lots of situations, colorful emotions, just life. Of course, you also took selfies.

Now you can choose the right photo frames – beautiful, cool, playful, provocative - for your selfies, for the situation, for your mood on MySelfie.Fun. With or without text. Music, videos, graphics - everything is possible.

Where are you or where have you been? Select the frame, upload that selfie, then place this selfie directly on our world map at the location of the event. Right where you are or later from home. Check out other selfies on the map. Share everything on social media channels.

The highlight! Open your mobile phone camera via the app and see how your selfie is virtually hanging where you have placed it. At the same time, check out other MySelfies that “hang” there in all directions, close or many miles away. - Of course, everything is FREE.


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