Want a sexy Selfie?! 💜

Want a sexy Selfie?!💜

No problem, follow the suggestions...and send us the result :- ))

Find decent light 

The most important tip when taking the best selfie is to find a decent light. But what is decent light?

Well, let me explain to you that it's a big light source with soft touch in front or a little to the side. Don't try to take your selfie with the sun behind you! Or directly from above. You'll have infinitely better pictures when facing a doorway or window with enough light.

 Hold your phone head height 

Don't hold your mobile phone straight out or under your chin whatever you do. Looking up nostrils never looked good. Holding your Smartphone at least the face height and the gently off to the one side, you will instantly have a flattering angle, - your chocolate side :- )

Part your lips 

By parting your lips, you will capture sexy selfie easily and efficiently! You need to part your lips far enough to exhale - it'll look stunning!

Look at any ad or magazine - you will notice how the gorgeous models have their lips slightly parted.

Turn your head and chin down slightly

By dropping your chin slightly and showing off your cheekbones will be more flattering than the straight-on position.

 Lift your eyebrows 

Raising one the eyebrow slightly (Well, not everyone can do that) is one more important step to creating a self-assured and sexy selfie look.

It also opens your eyes and tightens the skin around your eyes which is more flattering. But one thing to remember is to be careful not to seem like a deer in the highlights if you try to raise eyebrows or open both eyes! Now smile through your eyes at the potential viewer and you got it made.



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